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Some gambling games become the hallmark of online casinos. One of them is the crash game, Aviator. The company Spribe has developed a simulator with a new mechanism.

What to do in the crash game Aviator

The Aviator player arrives at the virtual airport. Every few minutes a plane rises into the sky. The online casino client needs to guess how long the flight will take.

In this round, players place bets. As soon as the plane takes off, this coefficient begins to increase. Players must close their current bets before Aviator disappears from the radar. If the client of the online club has time, the bonus will be calculated according to the coefficient that will appear on the screen immediately after the conclusion of the bet.

If the plane leaves and the bet remains valid, the player loses. In each round, the plane will rise to a different height. In some flights, Aviator game crash immediately after takeoff. Players need to remain vigilant and respond to changes in the game promptly.

Mechanics of the Aviator is considered innovative. This is supported by three functions:

  • Two bets in one round. Game Aviator allows you to place two bets at once. It helps to experiment with the strategy. Players can bet the same or different amounts.
  • Open betting history. Users can analyze the results of past rounds. Professionals have learned how to beat random number generators. Certain coefficients will appear at a certain time.
  • Autocashout. Bids do not need to be closed manually. Players may simply not have time. Aviator quickly disappears from the screen. Players can pre-set the coefficient of automatic closing of bets.

In Aviator, the maximum coefficients are not taken into account. Some casino visitors managed to close x5000 positions. The smallest multiplier is equal to x1,1. The plane takes this vertex in almost every round.

How to start making real bets in Aviator

The demo version is free and open. Casino customers can watch the flight of the plane and track changes in statistics. To make real bets, you need to register in a gambling club and top up your account.

Players can make large and small deposits. The minimum bet of Aviator game online is 10 credits. During the round, thousands can be allocated for each bet.

There are no rewards in the mechanics of crash games, but users can use the operator’s gifts. Aviator betting game offers various types of promotions. These are bonuses for the first deposit, free promo codes, and cashback. The simulator calculates payouts instantly, so gamblers can withdraw money at the same minute.

Three simple strategies for Aviator

Aviator mechanics allows players to use previously unknown strategies. One of them is the strategy of minimal chances.

The player needs to look at statistics. A cursory analysis will help you understand that in almost every round the plane rises to x1.5. Players need to close two bets on this position. Although the profit from the bet will not be huge, there will be a lot of bonuses.

Another strategy is based on the x2 multiplier. The player closes the first bet on this multiplier and receives a payout. The second bid must also be the same amount. But the price may already be set a little higher. Even if the bet turns out to be unsuccessful, the casino client will remain at zero due to the first bet.

The third working strategy is Martingale. The essence of the strategy is that the player must win back x2 times after the bet failed. In short, if a bet of 100 coins is lost, the next bet will be registered as 200 coins. The player increases the bet until Aviator reaches a multiplier of x2-3.

Small multipliers in the crash game appear often. Therefore, the Martingale strategy does not put much pressure on the player’s wallet.