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Online game Aviator at 1win casino

In the dynamic landscape of the gambling industry, crash games have emerged as a revolutionary force, captivating players with their adrenaline-pumping and high-stakes gameplay. Among the vanguard of such games, Aviator, crafted by the innovative minds at Spribe Gaming, has quickly soared to the zenith of popularity, becoming a resounding success for leading bookmaker and casino operator, 1win.
As players across the globe embrace this thrilling experience, the synergy between cutting-edge technology and the allure of chance brings an unprecedented level of excitement and engagement to the forefront of the gaming world. With its enticing blend of risk and reward, Aviator stands as a shining example of the industry's constant quest to redefine entertainment, all while offering customers an unmatched gaming experience.

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About the Game

1win Aviator, created by Spribe, originates from Georgia and was initially tailored towards the gambling audience. However, the launch of Aviator catapulted this local studio into global fame.
This captivating crash game boasts an intuitive and straightforward arcade-style gameplay, free from cumbersome rules:

Plane soaring ceaselessly into the sky.

The duration of each flight varies, and the player's task is to keenly observe and predict when the journey will conclude, either through an airplane crash or as the aircraft exits the radar zone.

Before each take-off, the gambler places one or two bets in 1win's Aviator game. These bets must be resolved before another flight comes to an end. The potential multiplier for the customer at the online casino 1win increases with the plane's longer and higher flight in the sky, promising greater rewards for successful predictions.

The main screen with the plane is located in the center. Just below the creators have placed two buttons and options for betting. Still below the gambler will find the statistics.

Aviator displays all winnings over the past few weeks, which allows casino customers to calculate the frequency of occurrence of certain multipliers.

aviator 1win

game aviator 1win

crash game aviator

Aviator game stats at 1WIN

Indeed, the game strategy in Aviator relies solely on statistical data, regardless of the approach taken.

Interestingly, the provider offers a comprehensive overview of all bets placed, spanning reporting periods of varying lengths, from just a few hours to as long as a day, month, or even a year.
Although Aviator operates on a random number generator, it's essential to emphasize that luck does not play a defining role when playing for money. Every user at 1win has the chance to make standard predictions. These statistics are officially certified and available on the website. According to the statistics:

In every second round, a multiplier of x1.2-1.5 is achieved. On a daily basis, the x1.2 multiplier is commonly surpassed, indicating regular winning opportunities for gamblers.

Multipliers of x50-70 are only seen on the radar once an hour at most, making it unprofitable to risk funds to reach such high prices.

The playing field's header highlights larger values with eye-catching colors for easy identification.

The Game Stats in 1win: the First Steps

Registration and demo mode are good places to start

To engage in the crash game Aviator at 1win, a preparatory training session to grasp its principles is essential. The rounds in the emulator commence automatically, leaving only a brief 5-second break between them. Within this short interval, players must swiftly place their bets, locate the desired figure, and make strategic adjustments accordingly in the online club.

Fill out the questionnaire and get verified

Registration allows you to play Aviator 1win with prizes and is done by either email or telephone number. New customers have to fill in an application form and undergo a confirmation process. Passport data linking is now obligatory. These are the rules of the regulator.

Start playing
However, in 1win, the smallest deposit is 100 INR. In Aviator, it is better to start playing with a few thousand. When you have a deposit to spare, you can allow yourself to lose a few times.
You can get a head start with 2 unique bonus options:
500% on your 1st deposit. At 1win, you can win super prizes for as little as 100 INR. The total payout can exceed 70,000 INR. The same money can also be used for betting in the Aviator game.

— 30% percent cashback.. In casino mode, where the crash game Aviator is located, you can get thirty percent back every week from all of your lost deposits. To this end, you need to plummet large sums. With either option, even a ten percent payout promises another opportunity for the user to compete for big winnings.
At Aviator Game 1win, it is possible to win six-figure sums. The largest win is considered to be a EUR 70,000 INR payout. 1win will withdraw these funds within 10 minutes. The cashier transfers several million a day and supports both e-wallets and bank cards.

Aviator game in 1WIN the first steps

Three takes to Aviator in 1win

Despite being on the market for a relatively short time, Aviator has developed a lot of tactics. The majority of customers use three main tactics.
Test tactical maneuvers, as the 1win Aviator reviews claim, can be done in demo mode. Both the Spribe provider and the 1win operator do not limit their guests in terms of time.

How to withdraw money from Aviator at 1win

You do not need a lot of money to play Aviator for funds. The smallest bet is 0.5 EUR and the highest is 140 EUR in a single round. Players can make big payouts even with small deposits.
Maximum of one flight, the gambler will be able to get up to 140 EUR. To withdraw this money to a card or e-wallet in 1 win, you need to do the following:

Enter the cashier and select a payment instrument

1win accepts e-wallets, bank cards, and works with cryptocurrency exchanges. You can also bet on digital coins in the Aviator game.

Verify your personal details

Withdrawal in a licensed gambling club opens after verification. To do this you need to fill out a questionnaire and pass on personal data.

Select the transfer amount

The player can request the payment of 2 EUR or transfer up to 2000 EUR at once. If the Aviator has made a fortune of 14000, the sum is divided into several parts and transferred by the day.

crash aviator

Why the Aviator Crash is so popular?

The paradox of the Aviator cash game is simple to explain. For a long time, casino operators have been giving the same thing.

Gamblers simply tired of the identical slot machines, differ? only plot, picture and title.

Aviator — this is a very new product

Moreover, everything is tied to tactics, reaction time. The user has the opportunity to overcome through their skills and slightly influence the generator of unexpected numbers. While the very theme of arcade flight plunges into the gameplay for a few hours.

1win offers the option to install the Aviator game on your phone using the app of the gambling establishment. Users can easily download the client software for iPhone or Android from the main page of the club. Once logged into the app, the guest is directed to a showcase with various slots and crash games available.

Aviator at 1win gives money possibilities

The second reason to play Aviator at 1win are money possibilities. The principle of double bets makes it possible to find the right balance and every lost bet to pay off the second bet. Almost everyone does not stay in the black even with failed spins and play for zero. At any moment the corncob flight can turn out to be successful. A few minutes will be enough for a player to get to the million-dollar winnings.

How do I play at aviator 1win?
The player at 1win starts Aviator and sees the game screen and two betting panels. The gambler will be able to register his bet before the start of the round. The user chooses the size of the proposed options or specifies his own amount.
How do I register at aviator 1win?
Registration in the Aviator involves creating an account on the 1win website. The player can specify an email and phone or register an account via social networks. Gambler during registration chooses the currency and can activate a promo code for a bonus.
How do I withdraw money from aviator 1win?
Players withdraw money through the cashier of the gambling club 1win. As soon as the gambler receives a win, the money goes to the wallet account in the same second. Cashier 1win processes requests for payment in 2-3 minutes.
Are there any bonuses in aviator 1win?
Crash game Aviator excludes bonus options. The customer gambling club 1win can get a bonus of 500% on your first deposit. The gambler can bet in Aviator for bonus credits from the prize balance.

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