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Games akin to Crash are gaining prominence as the primary attractions for operators. Certain casinos have gone so far as to create their own slot machines, much like Tivit Bet did. Tivit Bet stands as one such gambling establishment that enables users to engage not only in sports betting but also to take part in the gambling section.


crash game from tivit bet

Meaning of crash games

Although there are operators that provide games like Crash, it does them on the same principle. There is a checkpoint equal to x1 of the bets placed by the player. The slider then moves up until the round is completed. The session may end at least at some point. At the same time, this explains the indicator that the slider reaches, it can exceed the value of x100 and even be larger.

A user who has placed a bet in a round can withdraw their money from the game at any time. Depending on this, the amount of his earnings is determined. If you do not withdraw funds before the end of the round, the bet will be completely debited. In particular, to be able to withdraw funds on time and get a win, this is at least the point of gambling.

View of the crash game site from Tivit

Crash game at Tivit Bet

The user sees a window in front of them in the traditional colors of the bookmaker's office. At the top of the screen, you can see a line with past fruits from sweepstakes. On the right side is a list of all players who participated in a particular round. The column also shows the amounts they bet and the number they played when the exit key was pressed.

Players must guess how high the fish in the aquarium will rise on a rocket launched into space. The game ends when the rocket is destroyed right in flight. At this time, the display shows the red color of the last indicator that can be obtained. The lower-right corner of this window shows the delay, which determines the speed at which the server responds to the withdrawal request. The lower the set value, the better.

Beneath the display indicating the ongoing round's progress, you will find a betting control panel. From here, you have the option to manually set your bet or select predefined percentages of your current bank (5%, 10%, 25%, or 100%). Additionally, you can adjust the preset bet to either decrease or double it according to your preference. Adjacent to this, you'll notice an indicator that automatically adjusts when funds are withdrawn from the game. Furthermore, when specific rocket values are attained in advance, your bet will be promptly calculated.

At the bottom of the game window is a block containing information about the winners of not only such a game as Tivit's Crash but also other projects of this casino. The data is given quite accurately: the player's name, Time, bet, indicator, and amount of winnings.

How to play Crash

Play Tivit Bet

To play the Tivit Casino crash slot machine, you must first register at the casino or log in. Then, open the "game" section using the button in the menu pinned at the top of the page.

The user will be taken to the main screen of the games section. You will immediately find the Crash game, which is located in the "unique games" section. After that, you will need to top up your account with any amount allowed by the operator.

Now, you have the option to access the Crash game directly. You must wait for the commencement of the next round and then input your desired bet amount at the bottom of the screen. This can either be a fixed value or a percentage of your total bank size. There is an automatic cash-out indicator located on the right side, which will withdraw funds from the game on your behalf. You may leave the automatic stop indicator field empty if you prefer not to use it. Following this, it is the responsibility of the player to withdraw their funds from the game without any assistance. Simply press the BET key for the system to accept your bet.

Then it all depends on the type of game you choose. If you have set the automatic stop indicator, the game will automatically withdraw the bet when this coefficient is reached. However, the slider may also not reach the set coffee, after which funds will be lost. If the user believes that they will not be able to reach the corresponding score in a certain round, they can at least Press the Cash out key at some point.

If the user does not stop automatically, the bet will remain active until the user clicks the cash-out button. If you don't click on the result, the bet will remain active until the rocket breaks.

Register on Tivit

The first thing you need to do to open the playback option is pass the recording function to Tivit. Without a personal profile, the user can only follow hot events live.

How to pass the registration at Tivit Bet:

Open the main page of the casino.

In the upper-right corner, find the "Register" button and click on it.

Specify the currency of the account, and enter your phone number and email address.

Accept the site's criteria and rules.

Click on the sign-up button.

In addition, the system offers the ability to transfer the registration function via social networks like Google and Steam. In this case, all information about the user is transmitted from social media profiles to the casino. When you register in this way, you need to click the appropriate Google or Steam icon in the profile creation window. Then a new window will open in the browser, where you need to allow the transfer of personal information and allow it.

It is important to know that you must carefully specify the currency of your account. If you make the 1st deposit and then try to exchange EUR for dollars, you will not be able to do so. The only way to quickly change your account currency is to contact the support service immediately after registration. But the Bureau does not make any promises because of the solution of difficulties.

Each new user can expect a reward of less than 100 EUR. To do this, you will need to top up your account for a certain amount. To get more gifts, you can enter the promo code only after registering on the special bonus page. Website support can also be used for this purpose.

Replenishment of inventory and withdrawal of funds

Then you will need to top up your account so that the client has the necessary funds to bet on the finals they are interested in.

How to deposit money in Tivit:

Open the gambling site.

Click the plus button next to the balance line on the pinned panel.

In the new window, you must specify the deposit amount under the amount of available funds.

Choose a payment method, including Google Pay, that is suitable for players in the state. You can also use altcoins to make transactions. In particular, the digital currency now allows you to make very fast and dangerous transfers.

Enter your payment details.

The system redirects the user to the payment confirmation page with the code in the message or push message.

Game Tivit Bet

After confirmation, the funds are transferred to the casino account. Payment methods also vary depending on the current account currency. This is another reason to take a closer look at the registration function on the internet resource.

When the best winnings satisfy the user, they can start the withdrawal procedure from the casino. Ideally, it is better to use the same method that was used to top up your account. In this case, the bureau will be able to transfer funds without unnecessary delays, since it will not be necessary to check the reliability of the new payment acceptance method introduced.

How to withdraw funds from Tivit:

Open the casino's website.

Click the plus button next to the balance line on the pinned panel.

Go to the output or Output tab.

To select the account from which the money will be withdrawn.

Specify the payment method.

Enter the information required for the translation.

Specify the payment amount.

Game Tivit Bet

How to win at crash games

How to win at Tivit Bet

After learning about the Crash game, every Tivit customer wants to earn money in it exclusively for themselves, instead of watching how each round ends with a rocket crash and the loss of all coins.

It is necessary to understand what general requirements should be put forward for a player who has decided to enter the casino:

You must allocate such an amount for playing at the casino that you are not ashamed to lose it in one gaming session. If the scale is too large, you can not think impartially, which will immediately lead to undesirable consequences. Each deposit must be received in such a way that you will never see the funds credited to the account again.

You can't make a deposit. For each game session, you must save a certain amount of money, which should never be omitted. If one day you don’t succeed, you don't need to invest more money in the office than you previously planned. Then the losses will increase significantly.

Stick to tactics. Almost everyone may find it funny, they say: " What is the strategy in the casino?” But experience shows that you need to be able to play even slot machines. This is reflected in the correct distribution of the pot and determining the ideal bet for the game. Only in this situation will the player be able to stay in the casino for a long time, increasing their chances of winning.

The main thing is to restrain your emotions, even if at first glance it seems that this is just a virtual connector. This is the reason why most players can't start winning at the casino. A state of constant predisposition encourages a person to start doing rash things that negatively affect their financial well-being. If you're dealing with people who can't handle the emotional pressure, the casino won't be right for you.

How do I play at Tivit Bet?
The meaning of the crash game in Tivit Bet is to open and close bets. The player needs to select the size of the bet and start the game round. The user needs to have time to close the bet before the chart on the screen stops moving. The longer the casino client stays in the crash game, the higher the multiplier on the active bet will be.
How do I sign with Tivit?
Tivit Casino clients can register a profile through social networks Google and Steam. The player will open all the features of the gambling club when he fills out the profile and binds his email and phone number to the new account.
How do I withdraw money from Tivit?
The player gets the winnings on the balance of the account instantly. Customer online casino Tivit will be able to apply for withdrawal to bank cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency exchanges.
Are there any bonuses in Tivit Bet?
Modern crash games do not involve bonus mechanics. However, clients of Tivit Casino can make two bets at once and double the profit in one game round.