Online game Aviator at 1Xbet casino

Crash games are a new kind of gambling entertainment. A catchy representative of this genre is Aviator. The administration of 1xbet casino allows everyone to participate in an interesting arcade and compete for payments of up to 10,000 €.

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How to play the Aviator game on 1xbet

The Aviator game, developed by the Georgian company Spribe, can be found in a dedicated section within the application. On the online platform of the 1xBet club, the crash games are conveniently separated from video slots, table games, and betting options, making it easy for users to navigate. Additionally, players can also locate the Aviator game quickly by utilizing the internal search engine.
When playing the Aviator game, the objective is to track the flight of a plane and accurately stop the betting counter at the right moment. As the plane ascends higher into the sky and remains airborne for a longer duration, the multiplier for the player's bet amount increases accordingly. This means that the longer the plane stays in the air, the higher the potential winnings for the player based on their initial wager.


Gameplay in 1xbet casino depends on several reasons

Prior to the commencement of each round in the 1xBet Aviator game, users are required to place one or two bets. It is essential for these bets to be finalized before the plane either plummets or disappears from the screen. The movement of the jet is determined by an unpredictable number generator, adding an element of randomness and excitement to the game.

Reaction speed

To ensure a smooth gaming experience in Aviator, it is crucial for the gambler to have sufficient time to close their bets and make necessary adjustments to their starting strategy. In this game, the rounds begin automatically, and there is a fixed gap of five seconds between each round. This time interval allows players to carefully analyze the current situation, evaluate their bets, and make informed decisions before the next round commences. This feature grants players a brief but valuable window to strategize and optimize their gameplay in order to maximize their chances of success.

Flight range

This characteristic can also be designated as duration. The plane can fly for several minutes or crash right after takeoff.

Flying altitude

If the aircraft takes off upwards, it is an advantage. A multiplier of up to x30 can be gained in a few seconds.

aviator 1xbet

game aviator 1xbet

game aviator

Register at 1xbet to start playing aviator

The latest addition to 1xBet's collection of crash games is now available in a free mode, allowing players to enjoy the game without the need to wager real funds. The demo version of the game retains all the essential functions, providing players with an authentic experience. Unlike other games that feature free spins or bonus symbols, the mechanics of this emulator solely rely on the player's luck and tactics.
To access the mode of play with real funds, registration at the online casino 1xBet is required. The process of creating profiles in this gambling club follows a simple principle:

Newcomers have the option to create a profile with just one click and later link their email address and phone number to the account.
Each player is allowed to have only one account, and it is strictly prohibited to play from duplicate pages.

New clients at 1xBet are rewarded with prizes, and the funds earned can be utilized in the Aviator game.
Depositing funds into the profile's balance and starting to play online in 1xBet can be done using various methods.

The 1xBet cashier supports VISA, MasterCard, and Maestro, and also accepts electronic payment systems.

With a range of secure and convenient payment options available, players can easily add funds to their profiles and embark on an exciting gaming journey in the Aviator game at 1xBet.

Promo codes and prizes for aviator at 1xbet

The prize system on 1xbet mirror is varied and includes prizes for both sports betting and casino mode. The following rewards can be applied in the Aviator game:

Promo codes from Telegram channels

The institution's operator often posts coupons for no-deposit prizes and deposits gifts in targeted societies. The subsequent recharge amount can be increased by one hundred percent and get a head start in 1xbet mini-games.

Prizes for newbies

Each new client can increase his starting deposit by x2. The small deposit at 1xbet for the Aviator game is 500-1000 €, which means that the guest will have a currency reserve. The tactics in Aviator are built on the size of the bankroll. The more money a player has, the higher the chance to "wait out" a series of losses and catch a payout with a multiplier of x100.

Promotions on the eve of holidays

New promo codes arise often, but the administration registers the most coupons during interstate celebrations.

The 1xbet casino bonus program entices low wagers. The gambler does not have to prepare a large budget and spend days spinning machines to win back the acquired advantage.
You can download 1xbet games on your phone.

The club operator releases the official application. The program contains the whole showcase of video slots and also has a section with Aviator. The program for the phone will help to familiarize with the interface cozily and realize how to play 1xbet with minimal risks.

Different strategies for playing Aviator for money

The best practice is to act cautiously and be patient

The number of tactical decisions is not limited. The strategy is built on the alternation and dynamics of betting. The most common method to win on a regular basis - is to act carefully and be patient.

Auto-Cashout Mode

The auto cashout mode in the Aviator game allows users to set a specific value of 1.10. This value represents the first milestone that appears on the display after the plane takes off. Interestingly, in approximately eighty-nine percent of rounds, the plane successfully surpasses this barrier. This statistic indicates that a majority of the time, players have the opportunity to cash out their bets at a multiplier of 1.10 or higher, potentially securing winnings before the plane crashes.

Make bets on a round of 20-40 euros

The customer can bet on a round of €20 to €40. This will already bring at least 100 €. of income. Yes, in case of an instant fall, the gambler will lose a thousand, but, as shown in the emulator statistics, in each round the mark of 1.10 is overcome without consequences.

Strategy from x100

For those seeking a more daring yet potentially lucrative approach, the strategy of aiming for the x100 multiplier in Aviator presents an enticing option. On average, the game reaches this impressive height approximately every 1.5 hours. Players have the opportunity to track the elapsed time from the last occurrence of the x100 multiplier, which is conveniently listed in the game's statistics. Once the countdown reaches an opportune moment, users can initiate their gameplay at this higher multiplier level, aiming for substantial returns.
Placing a bet of €20 at these favorable odds can yield a tangible payout, offering an enticing opportunity for those willing to take on the increased risk associated with the x100 strategy. By capitalizing on the infrequent but potentially lucrative x100 multiplier, players can enhance their chances of securing significant winnings in the Aviator game.

How to withdraw your winnings from the Aviator game

To make a swift fund withdrawal, the player must acquaint themselves with 1xbet's money transaction rules. The casino strictly processes winnings solely for verified players. The identification process is straightforward, involving filling out a personal questionnaire and uploading a passport photo for verification purposes.

Withdrawals can be made through both official websites and mirrors. In addition, the popular online game Aviator is presented in the program for the phone 1xbet. By the way, withdrawal to the card implies the binding of a plastic card. The data for making payments must match the data of the player in the personal questionnaire.

You can request a withdrawal after your initial flight. The game's rules do not require the gambler to participate in a specific number of rounds. It's worth noting that the client's payment can surpass €200 even in the first round. Additionally, there's an opportunity to gain another €400 from the second bet.

The highest bet in Aviator in 1xbet is 140 €. Even on a small figure of 1.2, it gives a good payout. In some rounds, the plane gains high quickly and gives a multiplier of x10 already after 5 seconds. That's why Aviator is often compared to slot machines where you have to wait for the first big win.

How do I play at 1Xbet?
The player will be able to run Aviator from the main page of 1xbet. The gambler needs to wait for the end of the current round and set the bet size. If the 1xbet client manages to close the bet before the plane falls, the bet will be considered a winning bet.
How do I sign up for 1Xbet?
The 1xbet client needs to create an account to play Aviator for money. The player needs to click on the registration button and specify his email or phone number. The gambler will be able to replenish the account with a card or e-wallet and make a real bet in Aviator.
How do I withdraw money from aviator 1Xbet?
The gambler needs to win a bet in Aviator. After that, the application will transfer the money to the player's 1xbet account. The cashier of the gambling club works around the clock. The player needs to specify the card number, indicate the transfer amount, and confirm the application for the withdrawal of winnings.
Are there any bonuses in aviator 1Xbet?
Crash game Aviator does not contain bonuses on the site of 1xbet gambling club. The developers of the game offer a forum in the form of statistics. The player can try to predict the fallout of high odds and at the expense of this gain an advantage.