Online game Space XY

The game Space XY quickly gained the trust of users. The development of BGaming company is suitable for beginners with a modest gaming budget, as well as for high rollers who are ready to risk large sums.

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Name of the game Space XY
Developer BGaming
Kind of gambling Crash
Free version Yes
Mobile version Android, iOS
Minimum bet 1
Maximum Bet 100
Top winnings 10,000
Bonus Options No

Space XY Game Rules

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In Space XY, a player will act as the commander of a spaceship. Rocket flies up to the stars and can give casino customers solid prize money. The player will need to determine which echelon is capable of making the spaceship fly. If the prediction by the gambler works, the prize can be x5,000!


Each round of Space XY begins with the takeoff of the rocket. The user does not need to control the gameplay. Rounds start and end automatically. Once the rocket explodes, there is a pause of 10 seconds. This time provider gives users a chance to edit their betting parameters. By the way, in one round, you can place two bets at once.


The interface of SpaceXY has three main parts:


  1. 1.Menu with statistics. The player in live mode observes what bets are made by other casino customers and in what positions they close bets. In fact, in the game Space XY, you can go by someone else’s strategy and keep a small but guaranteed win in the distance.
  2. 2.Rocket Screen. This radar shows the flight of the shuttle. What is interesting is that the locator displays not only the aircraft but also the number of active bets at the moment. This is a kind of clue. When players in Crash Space XY begin to rapidly close their bets, it means that the moment of loss is near.
  3. 3.Betting panel. The visitor can’t make any bet they want since the provider limits the range at the top. It’s easy to play out no more than 100 credits in a single round. This distinguishes Space XY from classic slot machines and slots with progressive jackpots.


Crash game mechanics give the player complete freedom of action. To stay in the game session, you do not have to play every round for money. The player can skip individual moves, and during the pause record and analyze the results of the flights. This is the best way to build a strategy in Space XY Crash Game on a reliable prediction and guess when the rocket will get above the multiplier of x2,000 or even higher.


The volatility of the game is unstable. You can make money here on both low odds and medium-high odds. Often, the rocket overcomes the x3 bet multiplier — this happens almost every fourth round. The open statistics displayed on the side confirm this cyclicality.

The best strategies for Space XY

strategies for space xy

Since the provider on the official site of the online casino allows you to view the history of bets, the reviewed crash game may seem more favorable compared to other slots. In classic slot machines, you can’t see the results of past rounds. In Space XY, players can easily predict the behavior of the random number generator, based on the available data.


Today, online casino customers operate under the following schemes:


  1. 1.Win-win Martingale. If every time you strive for odds x2.0, and if you lose, double the bet. You will sooner or later make a guaranteed profit. All that the gambler needs to implement such a strategy in Space XY is a deposit with a margin.
  2. 2.Double Wagers. One bet can protect the other, or rather, allow the user to compete for the top odds. A review of Space XY confirms that this scheme works. The goal of the gambler is to close the first bet on a multiplier within 2-3. If you achieve the goal, go for a riskier bet.
  3. 3.Minimum odds. Going to a decent advantage is possible for 10-20 successful rounds. Catching such a few winnings in a row is quite realistic. At the multiplier of 1.1, the bet is closed in almost every round.


Do not forget that in Space XY, you can use bonuses from the casino. This can be a promo code for no-deposit for several thousand coins. These credits are allowed to be used when there is no more real money left in the real wallet.


The developer of Space XY cooperates only with licensed online casinos. In these casinos, bonuses are not usually subject to extreme wagering requirements. The client of the online casino can easily win back the gift received without large bets.


In the demo mode of the money game Space XY, users have the opportunity to test various tactics. They can place bets, access real-time statistics, and familiarize themselves with the gameplay features to improve their chances of winning. The space shuttle frequently increases the value of x2. The player’s objective in the Space XY casino is to seize the moment and make timely larger bets to double their amount. Just a few hours of practice can significantly enhance the visitor’s understanding of the game and their ability to succeed.

How to register and start playing

start playing space xy

To understand how to play in Space XY for real cash, you first need to become a customer of any gambling establishment that has the game on its site. Even without registration, gamblers can run the crash game in a free demo. This mode is no different from playing for real money. All tabs remain in place, and you can register a bet for virtual dollars.


Registration takes place in three steps:


  1. 1.The user determines the way to create an account. In the casino, you can register via email, phone, or social networks. Also, you can get support via online chat. The consultant will tell you how to play in Space XY and make your first deposit.
  2. 2.The player fills out a questionnaire. There is a small questionnaire in a player’s cabinet, where you need to tell about yourself and write the true information — this is one of the stages of identity verification.
  3. 3.Identification of the profile. The administration may ask for scans of the passport, or other ID. Casinos usually do this to make sure that the gambler is of legal age and plays in Space XY for money legally. In the licensed casino, each player is verified.


An account is created, then the player needs to replenish the account. Space XY is a game with dynamic volatility. However, this does not mean that users will have a real opportunity to win from small deposits. Of course, a bankroll of 100-200 credits can be tried to break even on small odds. It is better not to put yourself in an inherently losing position and open an account for large amounts.


You can replenish the account balance via cryptocurrency, electronic systems FK Wallet and Piastrix, bank cards MasterCard and VISA. The money will appear on the wallet profile as soon as the user closes the transaction in the payment system.


To register a wager, you need to look at the bottom of the crash game screen. The gambler will see two betting blocks. Beginners shouldn’t take any risks. A reasonable step is to start playing with a single bet. To comfortably navigate the interface, you can download Space XY in a mobile version to your smartphone.


The user sets the size of the bet and clicks on the «Bet» button. The bet will become active as soon as the next round begins. After that, the online casino customer needs to have time to close the bet before the rocket crashes.


Verifying the profitability of the crash game is a straightforward process. One can attempt to close the initial bet at 1.1, and this can be accomplished manually or with the assistance of the auto-withdrawal feature. The auto-withdrawal option allows for the automatic deactivation of the bet at the optimal moment. Once the bet plays out successfully, the winnings will promptly appear in the account balance.


Downloading Space XY is a promising solution. To access the game, the user will be able to install the casino app. Android and iPhone versions are focused on both new and old smartphone models.


In the mobile version, you can open Space XY full screen and make bets with one click. The game is devoid of heavy graphics, and therefore the user will not have to monitor the charge of the battery.


faq space xy
How do I win at Space XY?
The casino customer needs to close the bet before the rocket detonates and explodes. The wager will be calculated by the multiplier on the screen.
How do I start betting in Space XY?
The player needs to register and fund his account. Registration in the casino is done through the phone, and the cashier of the gambling club accepts payments through virtual wallets and bank cards.
How much max can I win in Space XY?
Your winnings depend on the final multiplier. The crash game has no limit and therefore can pay out even more than x10000.
Can I download Space XY to my phone?
Players will be able to download an online casino mobile app. The client program includes thousands of games, one of which will be the latest version of the SpaceXY game.
How do I use the bonuses at Space XY?
Players can play with bonuses from the casino operator. To do this, the player has to activate a promo code and get free money for betting.