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Jet X emulator belongs to a new generation of gambling games. SmartSoft Gaming has created a crash game in which you do not need to spin the reels and rely only on luck. Players will be able to earn through strategy and bankroll control.

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What is Jet X: gameplay and win conditions

Crash game Jet X

In the Jet X application, online casino or betting company customers need to predict when a virtual fighter jet will crash and disappear from the radar. The game interface is as simplified as possible:

• In the center of the screen is the radar with the Jet X craft. The plane takes off and rushes upward. The higher the pilot climbs, the better. The design of the craft allows you to traverse the stratosphere and fly into space. The multiplier is displayed in the center of the radar. As you ascend, the multiplier increases. You can play Jet X for only a few minutes, but you already get a solid payout. If the spaceship explodes, the multiplier resets.
• The results of past starts are displayed on the sides of the playing field. And the emulator not only captures the performance of the player but also takes into account the statistics of other customers of the gambling establishment. Analysis of these figures becomes a kind of bonus option.
• At the bottom, there is a betting panel. The player can bet on Jet X for the amount offered in the four windows, or he prescribes his preferred betting options. In each round, you can make two bets, and if necessary, the customer of the gambling club can activate the automatic payment. The emulator will automatically close the bet at the appropriate odds.

Winning conditions are simple. The user in the online casino must have time to close their bets before force majeure occurs on board the ship and the ship crashes. This can happen on the runway, high in the sky, or even in space.

It is said that the spaceship in the slot can reach a record high of x25000, but so far none of the gamblers have managed to earn such a multiplier. However, the Jet X casino product has only been on the market for a few years, so everyone has a chance to leave their name in history.

It is possible to close bets manually, but it's important to recognize that the radar's situation can change rapidly. During certain rounds, the multiplier may soar to x50, while in others, it can plummet within seconds. The rounds conclude automatically, and players have a mere five seconds to place new bets. To avoid losses in a slot machine with slower reaction times, it is advisable to activate the automatic withdrawal option. It's worth noting that each bet has a different payout, and the betting odds may fluctuate.

Maximum and minimum odds in Jet X

Play JetX

View the first attempts to conquer the space in demo mode can be found on the official website of the bookmaker's office. The provider does not use heavy graphics but uses good animation. Before each round, virtual people enter the plane. Of course, their fate is unenviable, because the ship will fall sooner or later. But the later it happens, the more the player can earn. The most important thing is to get your money before it explodes.

Jet X is a game with high volatility. This is also confirmed by the RTP of 97%. This means that it is not worth waiting for prize combinations to fall out too often. Crash games are usually designed for those who are friends with patience. All-in tactics and short-term play rarely lead to success and rely solely on Fortune's good mood.

The average maximum odds in Jet X are x100. But this is not the limit. Multipliers of x1000 and higher appear less frequently. Such events are similar to the drawing of progressive jackpots from Microgaming. Slots of popular brands reset the counter only a few times a year.

The minimum multiplier is x1 and that already allows you to earn. The player gets to close the bet at x1.1. The user invests 100 credits and earns 110. It's not much, but it's nice and important for a beginner. The first win gives motivation.

The provider will report the presence of a progressive jackpot during the launch of the machine. However, we have no information about the lucky winners who won millions. Probably that's the amount the user will get if the space fighter can break through the darkness of the universe and get to the multiplier x25000.

Five proven strategies in Jet X

Game Jet X with big payouts

JetX game strategies

Crash game Jet X allows you to use traditional gambling and creates conditions for creating exclusive tactics. Nevertheless, in no other emulator can you make two bets in one round at once.

Experienced players advise to look closely at five examples:

• Flat. This is a strategy that every beginner should start with. The essence of the tactic is that the player puts in 3-5% of the balance. Bets in each round will be different sizes, because in case of winning or losing changes the size of the bankroll. The player should practice in the demo mode because for five seconds (the pause time in Jet X between moves) it is not always possible to calculate the percentage and set the right number. The advantage of the flat is its versatility. This principle is suitable both for large and small deposits.
• Martingale. An expensive strategy that is questioned by many players. In the Jet X game, the user plays a single bet. Losing a round means that in the next round, the casino visitor increases the size of the bet by 2 times. Again losing? Have to increase the bet already in x4. This series lasts until the first win. According to the Martingale theory, at this scale of loss, any successful takeoff will pay off the initial financial loss.
• Small odds. This strategy is used exclusively in online casino games. If you look at the statistics in the side menus, you can see that the fighter rarely falls immediately after takeoff.тOdds of 1.1, 1.2, and even 1.5 hit almost every time. The casino customer puts the desired amount on both bets, fixes the auto cashout at 1.2, and watches his earnings rise.
• Hunting for odds. According to statistics, Jet X often shows odds above x100. Anyone can catch such a multiplier. Moreover, the outcome of the round can be predicted. Analysts have already figured out that Jet X gives x100 every 2 hours. The user needs to guess the exact moment and start betting at the right time. Click the button to register a bet and wait for the shuttle to the peak.
• Insurance Tactics. The most popular strategy helps many users earn. The first bet opens, for example, for 10 credits, of which the player plans to get 12 coins at odds of 1.2. You can assume that this amount is already in your pocket because the probability that the spaceship will explode is small. The second bet starts at 12 credits, and players must take the risk of losing. A loss does not promise a big loss - the player will remain at zero. But winnings can be obtained by x2 times or more.

The player can win and stick to one strategy or combine several. Dynamics is extremely important in crash games, as is statistical analysis. The gambler has no support in the form of free spins and wild symbols, but there is a detailed table of results, with which you can make predictions.

JetX game strategies

What is Jet X?
Jet X is a new-generation gambling game created by SmartSoft Gaming. It is a crash game where players predict when a virtual fighter jet will crash and disappear from the radar.
How does the gameplay of Jet X work?
In Jet X, players watch a virtual fighter jet ascend into the sky on a radar. The higher the jet climbs, the higher the multiplier increases. Players can make bets on the outcome, and the goal is to close their bets before the ship crashes to win.
What are the winning conditions in Jet X?
To win in Jet X, players need to close their bets before the virtual fighter jet crashes. The crash can happen on the runway, high in the sky, or even in space.
What are some strategies players can use in Jet X?
There are several strategies players can try in Jet X, including the Flat strategy, where players start with a percentage of their balance and adjust bets based on the bankroll's size. The Martingale strategy involves doubling bets after each loss until a win is achieved. The Small Odds strategy focuses on betting on lower multipliers that hit frequently. The Hunting for Odds strategy aims to catch higher multipliers by predicting the right moment to place bets. Lastly, the Insurance Tactics strategy involves starting with a small bet that is assumed to be a safe win and using the profit to bet higher for potentially higher returns.
What are the minimum and maximum odds in Jet X?
The minimum multiplier in Jet X is x1, which allows players to earn a small profit. The average maximum odds in the game are x100, but even higher multipliers like x1000 can appear less frequently.