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Review of the game Aviator at Pin Up Casino

Pin Up Casino rises to the highest ranks in the ratings due to its ever-evolving array of gambling entertainment. Once users register, they gain access to an extensive selection of top-notch slot machines and the latest additions from the live casino, including an impressive catalog of roulette and card games. However, Pin Up doesn't overlook other exhilarating gambling delights. Among the notable additions in recent months, the game Aviator has garnered significant attention for its thrilling gameplay experience.


Why is Aviator so popular and what is its essence?

In 2020, the Georgian company Spribe introduced the innovative novelty known as Aviator.

This captivating game swiftly gained acclaim in the world of casinos, earning the prestigious title of "Game of the Year." Gamblers were quick to embrace the thrilling gameplay and showered the new addition with an abundance of glowing reviews. With its unique features and immersive experience, Aviator quickly became a favorite among players seeking exhilarating gambling experiences.

Place a bet

The essence of the game Aviator can be summed up in just two words: taking off. Once the application is launched, players are greeted with a game screen featuring an airplane. The objective is simple: within a 5-second interval, the plane must strive to achieve liftoff. The farther and higher the aircraft goes, the greater the payout multiplier the player receives based on their initial bet. The excitement lies in pushing the boundaries of the aircraft's ascent, aiming for greater heights and bigger rewards.

Close a bet

Betting on the flight is only half the battle. This bet needs to be closed before the plane goes down or flies away beyond the boundaries of the virtual radar.

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Customers at the PinUp online casino choose Aviator for several reasons

In the crash game, players have the opportunity to secure their winnings through an automated feature. Within the betting section, there is an option for auto cashout. This function allows gamblers to set predefined thresholds, automatically ending their bets and securing their payouts when these designated indicators are reached. By utilizing this feature, players can exercise control over their bets and ensure they lock in their desired profits without having to manually intervene.

How to start playing the Aviator game in Pin Up

The Crash game resides within a dedicated section of Pin Up, amidst a multitude of other enticing applications. However, it is undeniable that this particular realm of gambling entertainment has gained immense significance over time.

For those eager to embark on their first Aviator experience and play on Pin Up, a demo mode awaits. This feature allows players to explore the game without the need to create an account, deposit funds, or undergo any confirmation processes. The free format grants access to all functions, enabling users to fully immerse themselves in the gameplay.

It's important to highlight that Aviator operates without bonus options. The mechanics ensure that every player has equal opportunities, with outcomes solely determined by individual tactics and the whims of luck.

How to start playing Aviator in pin up

To make a bet in the game Aviator, follow these steps:

Register a profile

Becoming a Pin Up client is a simple process that can be completed through email or phone. Any adult user can easily register and join the platform, gaining access to the wide array of services and features offered.

Replenish the balance of your account

Both from payment cards and electronic wallets, funds are swiftly deposited within seconds on Pin Up. After logging in, users can make a minimum deposit of approximately $5, allowing them to swiftly access the wide range of services and games available on the platform. The quick and convenient deposit process ensures that players can start enjoying their favorite activities without delay, enhancing the overall user experience.

Activate the welcome prize

Newcomers to the Pin up virtual casino are entitled to a bonus. The administration gives free spins for slot machines of up to $500. You can use the prize money for bets in Aviator.

Select your bet amount

Aviator in normal mode offers to register a wager of 1 € to 20 € per round. The gambler can draw a new wager for each round.

Wait for the start of the round

A new flight in the crash game begins automatically.

Register two bets at once

The second bet in Aviator can hold an equal, lower, or higher value compared to the first. Experienced players often utilize the second bet as a form of insurance.

Let's consider an example: The initial bet is set at 2-3.0 odds. In previous rounds, the odds of the plane reaching such a mark were achieved consistently, ensuring a positive outcome for the gambler. The second bet, however, is revealed when the odds reach a range of 30-40. Since the first bet has already been successful, the second bet allows players to take a calculated risk and strive for substantial profits.

An all-purpose strategy for Aviator in Pin Up

High roller strategy

Within Aviator on the Pin Up online platform, players have the flexibility to adopt various strategies. One commonly observed approach is that of the high roller. Here, a modest bet is quickly escalated to a substantial €1000. Throughout this endeavor, the player endeavors to reach highly probable odds and promptly closes their initial bet at a multiplier exceeding x10.

The high roller strategy can be effective, provided the player possesses a sufficient currency reserve in their balance. It's important to note that the plane's ascent to such heights is not guaranteed on every occasion. Consequently, the initial deposit may deplete swiftly. However, in subsequent attempts, it becomes feasible to achieve multipliers even as high as x100. On average, such values materialize on the radar once every two to three hours.

The Strategy of small odds

The strategy of low odds presents itself as a viable alternative in Aviator. Players can place a €20 bet and set the auto cashout at 1.10. Surpassing this threshold becomes a regular occurrence in each round, with only one unfavorable flight appearing approximately every 10 rounds.

Each round yields the player more than €2 in winnings. By utilizing the second betting block, the potential increases to €4. As a result, a substantial sum can accumulate in the account balance, offering the gambler the option to request a withdrawal to their card.

Tips for newcomers to the Aviator at PinUp

Endless Demo Mode

Pin Up Casino offers unrestricted access to the demo mode of the game Aviator. While each round in real money mode lasts only a few seconds, it becomes crucial for gamblers to engage in preparatory training. By taking advantage of the demo mode, players can familiarize themselves with the gameplay mechanics and develop effective strategies before diving into the real money experience. This preparatory training serves the best interests of the gambler, equipping them with the necessary skills and confidence to make informed decisions during the fast-paced rounds.

Double Bets

In the realm of virtual online games, players can explore the benefits of double bets. Every bet doesn't need to adhere to the same parameters. Pin Up online casinos offer the freedom for players to place bets with different odds, such as 1.2 and 3.0. The first bet carries an impressive eighty-nine percent probability of success, guaranteeing a profitable outcome. This flexibility empowers players to diversify their betting strategies and optimize their chances of achieving favorable results.

Pick up your winnings at any time

Aviator Pin Up users have the freedom to withdraw their winnings at any time. Once they have earned their desired amount, there is no need to be hesitant or greedy in an attempt to win more. It is important to consider that in the next round, fortune may not be as favorable, and it is possible to experience setbacks. Hence, it is wise for players to exercise prudence and seize the opportunity to cash out their winnings when they have reached their desired target.

Large deposits

It is better to use large deposits to replenish the account. This will help you get a hundred percent prize and make a financial cushion for a long game of funds.

How to withdraw money?

As soon as winnings are obtained, they promptly reflect in the real wallet of the user's account. In Pin Up Casino, players have the option to withdraw their winnings starting from €10. Before making a withdrawal, users select their preferred payment system. If funds were initially deposited using a Visa card, the same card details will be required for the withdrawal transaction.

Pin Up Casino now supports a diverse range of payment methods, with the availability varying based on the player's country of residence. Users can utilize not only VISA and Mastercard but also Maestro, along with payment services such as Piastrix, WebMoney, and YooMoney. This assortment of options ensures convenient and flexible withdrawal capabilities for players.

How to withdraw money won in Aviator
How do I play at Aviator PinUp?
The player can run the crash game Aviator in Pin Up for free or go to the mode of real bets. The gambler needs to select the size of the bet, click on the bet registration button and wait for the start of the next round.
How do I sign up for Aviator Pin Up?
Players register for the crash game Aviator through Pin Up Casino. The procedure for creating a profile involves stating an email, and phone number and includes a choice of currencies. The gambler needs to fill out a profile after logging in to a personal account.
How do I withdraw money from Aviator Pin Up?
When Aviator gives out winnings, the system transfers the money to the balance of the player's account at Pin Up Casino. The user will get the right to withdraw funds after the verification of documents. The player needs to go to the cashier section in the header of the main page, select a bank card or e-wallet, specify the amount of withdrawal, and send a request for processing.
Are there any bonuses in Aviator Pin Up?
The mechanics of the Aviator gambling game do not include the incorporation of bonus features. However, users have the opportunity to kick-start their gaming experience with generous gifts from the Pin Up casino administration. As a welcoming gesture, the gambling club operator offers a 100% bonus on the initial deposit made by players. This bonus serves as an exciting boost, enhancing the enjoyment and potential winnings for users as they embark on their gambling journey.