Rocket X: online game for real money

Slot machines continue to evolve and advance, introducing new genres and themes that have garnered a cult following. Among the highly popular types of slots found in online casinos is the crash game. This genre stands out for its user-friendly controls, frequent payouts, and the opportunity for players to exert influence on their winnings. Nowadays, casinos offer a wide array of diverse simulators within this genre, providing an incredibly vast selection for players to choose from.

Rocket X gained tremendous popularity in the year 2023, emerging as an exclusive novelty for 1Win Casino. This game does not necessitate any prior gambling experience. With this innovative project, users have the opportunity to earn rewards, unwind, and enjoy a delightful online experience.

The story of Rocket X

rocket x

Rocket X is a game in which the user goes on a space journey. On board, you will travel with Elon Musk. The conquest of Mars has never been so close!
The challenge is to fly as high and as long as possible to see what the cosmic distances hide. And if we’re lucky, to colonize Mars. But space is dangerous, so at any moment, a crash could happen. If it comes, the rocket will break into pieces, and you will say goodbye to deposits and winnings.
In RocketX, players should not only rise as high as possible in space but also have time to eject from the aircraft. If you manage to do it before the crash, you will get a win with a higher multiplier.

Management and interface of Rocket X — the first introduction to the slot

management and interface rocket x

Rocket X is controlled with the mouse cursor and keyboard. In the mobile version — with fingers and keyboard. The device interface is understandable on an intuitive level. With management and navigation on the simulator even a schoolboy can figure it out!


The playing field has several areas, each responsible for a separate piece of information:


Center section This is the main game area. It displays the processes that take place in each round. Here appears a timer with a countdown timer when the rounds change.
Top of the screen The navigation and control buttons are also provided. Here is an overview of the Rocket X buttons «Expand / Collapse», «Sound», «Music», «How to play?», «Profile». The panel displays the client’s deposit and the button to open the live chat.
The right side of the window By default, it does not display anything and is filled with the main game area. When you click on the «Online Chat» button, a window for exchanging messages with other Rocket X members appears in this area.
Left panel Here, you will find the number of bets in the current and previous rounds, the user’s bets, and the TOP. The stats are updated in real-time.
Bottom navigation bar Is allocated for betting. Has two «sections», thanks to which the user can bet two sums at once. History is displayed below. It shows the odds of past games and highlights the user’s winnings.


Rocket X is a game dominated by blue, black, and neon colors. It looks stylish and attracts the eyes of its users.


✔ Attention! We recommend expanding the slot to the full screen at startup. This will help display all sections and blocks as correctly and conveniently as possible.

Rocket X Features: Why Choose This Slot

rocket x features

Rocket X is a crash with memorable characters and a terrific storyline. It is hugely popular with gamblers — beginners and high rollers. Reviews of Rocket X left by customers emphasize the following advantages: 

  • intuitive interface 🧠;
  • controls that even a beginner can figure out 🚩;
  • high payout percentage — 98% 🎰;
  • possibility to "manage" winnings — users themselves decide when to exit the active round 🙌;
  • cross-platform — the slot machine runs on mobile devices and computers through any browser🎮;
  • high level of security and integrity — a random number generator is responsible for the winnings, and it is impossible to hack the project 🔒;
  • exclusivity — the simulator is designed specifically for 1Win ✨;
  • a lot of bonuses from the casino — Rocket X with them will allow you to play for real money more often without additional deposits;
  • option "double bet" 🤑;
  • built-in demo mode, allowing you to get acquainted with the machine without risk 👀;
  • automatic bot, which automates bets and withdrawals 🤖;


Rocket X has several analogs. It is impossible to repeat its novelty, but among similar slots stand out: Aviatrix, Aviator, Lucky Jet, Rocket Queen, or Spaceman.

How to play Rocket X: Demo or real money

play rocket x

At Rocket X money game is available only to those registered at 1Win Casino. Without creating a profile, the client can enjoy the preview of the game. They can watch what is happening on the screen, but betting and other options are unavailable without setting up the account.


To run Rocket X, you will need:


  1. Open the official site of 1Win.
  2. Find the simulator in the catalog. For example, through the search box on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click on the result.


✔ Attention! This algorithm helps to open a preview of the simulator!


To directly participate in the game, you have to register with 1Win, log into your profile and repeat the proposed algorithm. In the real-money mode, don’t forget to top up the account or make sure it has enough money.


faq rocket x 1win
What is Rocket X?
Crash game with an entertaining storyline and easy controls. Cult exclusive novelty from 1win.
What strategies are suitable for the game?
In the realm of gambling, individuals from high roller circles suggest considering the following strategies: "Maximum Bet," "Martingale," "D'Alambert," and "Playing for the Raise." These strategies have garnered praise and are worth exploring for those seeking an advantageous approach to their gameplay.
How to hack Rocket X?
You can't. The project is secure and cannot be hacked. To increase the chances of success in the party, you can use the option "Double Bet".
What are the analogs of RocketX?
It is impossible to repeat this simulator because of its novelty and unique plot. However, you will find similar features in games like Spaceman, Lucky Jet, Rocket Queen, or Aviatrix.