Aviator Fairspin: review and game features

Aviator, developed by Spribe, has gained immense popularity among gamblers, captivating their interest. Users enthusiastically engage with the game to unwind, potentially earn additional funds, enjoy a delightful experience, and immerse themselves in the role of pilots. Players can anticipate substantial payouts and even indirectly influence their frequency.
Fairspin, a renowned casino, features Aviator as one of its most prominent and frequently played offerings. The casino provides users with the choice to play for free or with real money, further enhancing the excitement and profitability of each bet through enticing bonuses.

Aviator Description - Plotline and Genre

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Aviator is a crash game for money, a well-known genre of casino slots that has won the hearts of gamblers. Crash games have simple rules, convenient controls, and incredible mechanics. Slots of this genre are the most profitable and rewarding because users can decide when to exit the round.


The crash machine invites visitors to join the game, place a bet, and wait. The longer the gambler stays in the active round, the higher the final payout will be. At any moment, they can exit the game and claim a guaranteed reward.


An outstanding feature of crash machines is that an emergency round termination can occur, in which case the user’s bet is considered lost, and you will get no payouts.


The game Aviator at the Fairspin casino invites gamblers aboard a plane. Users pay for boarding and embark on an incredible journey. The higher and longer the biplane soars, the larger the final payout will be for the displayed courage.


However, flights come with risks. At any moment, the aircraft can explode, and along with it, all the money that you have collected. In such cases, the round is considered lost.

To prevent this from happening, users must skillfully determine the moment to eject. If they manage to do it before the crash, the game machine will guarantee compensation for their bravery and participation in the flight.

Strategies for Fairspin Aviator

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Fairspin Aviator allows players to win using various gambling strategies. It’s impossible to name a single behavior concept on the field that guarantees a 100% win. The outcome of each round in the online game is controlled by a random number generator. It’s impossible to predict the algorithm chosen by the generator and the final number under any circumstances. The only way to increase the chances of winning is to choose an optimal strategy.


High rollers recommend paying attention to the following tactics:


Title Description
Max bet The user places the maximum supported bet. If such an amount is not available, they should place the maximum amount they are comfortable with. This strategy brings maximum enjoyment and risk, as well as the maximum return in a successful game.
Martingale A method aimed at skillful manipulation of bets. Each loss leads to doubling the initially placed amount. This continues until a win occurs. Once luck smiles upon the gambler, they should return to the initial bet.
The bull When using this strategy in the Aviator crash game, the bet should be increased by a fixed amount with each loss, as determined by the user. In case of a win, the player returns to the initial bet.
D’alamber This is a strategy where each loss leads to an increase in the bet by a fixed value, and each win leads to a decrease.
Labouchere Whenever the slot makes you lose a game, double your wager. Upon a win, reduce it by half.


The suggested strategies are not exhaustive. Customers can use a variety of gambling concepts or come up with algorithms of their own.


✔ Attention! If the slot machine gave out a series of small odds (5-7 pieces), soon it will offer a high multiplier.

How to play Fairspin Aviator

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Fairspin Aviator review is a popular request made by gamblers. They want to find out what the machine in question looks like, as well as how to use it at Fairspin Casino. This gambling house has been operating for several years, delighting visitors with its simulators and bonuses.


Aviator works in two modes — Free and Play for Money. To take advantage of the demo mode machine, you need:


  1. 1.Open the official site Fairspin.
  2. 2.Find a catalog that contains the simulator (or type in ‘Aviator’ in the search field). Click on it.
  3. 3.Click on Demo or Free.


After this, users can make bets in Aviator virtual currency — credits. No risk!


✔Attention! Demo mode Aviator works on the official page of the manufacturer — Spribe. It is impossible to play for money there.


To play for real money you will need:


  1. 1.Go to the Fairspin casino site and click on the Registration (Sign Up) button.
  2. 2.Create an account. You can log in via one of the proposed social networks.
  3. 3.Log in to your casino account.
  4. 4.Top up the casino wallet. If the player is already registered and played for money — make sure that the account has enough money to bet.
  5. 5.Search the slot catalog for the simulator and select it.
  6. 6.Click on Play. This button may be called Real Money or For Money.


From now on, you are playing for real money! The risks in this mode are high, but you can use the bonuses from Fair Spin. For the registration of newcomers put 30 free spins + up to 100% of your first deposit and up to 30 additional free spins. The gambling house has cashback of up to 10%, interesting gifts by promo codes, and bonuses for repeated replenishments.

Reasons to play the Fairspin Aviator Crash Game

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Fairspin games are regularly added to the catalog, offering the most interesting products. Aviator is no exception. This slot offers:


  • • RTP no lower than 97%;
  • • Convenient operation, understandable at an intuitive level;
  • • honest and stable winnings;
  • • the Double Bet option;
  • • Built-in bot to automate the game;
  • • bonuses from the casino, making bets more profitable;
  • • demo mode;
  • • multipliers of up to x100 or even higher;
  • • cross-platform — the project runs on smartphones, computers, and tablets through the browser.


Aviator has analogs – other crash games. For example, Aviatrix, Lucky Jet, Rocket X, or Spaceman.

FAQ - Questions and Answers

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What is Aviator?
It is a crash game with simple rules, an interesting storyline, and convenient controls.
How to play for real money?
The paid mode is available after registering at Fairspin Casino. The player needs to register, log in to their profile, top up their account, and select the Real Money mode of the game.
Can Aviator be hacked?
No. The game machine has reliable protection against hacking. Attempts to do so will result in the profile of the violator being blocked.