Review of the Aviator game at ChillBet casino

Introducing the Aviator game available at ChillBet online casino, offering an exciting gambling experience with a range of captivating features. This thrilling game comes with straightforward rules and conditions, ensuring an enjoyable time for all players. Participants can engage in real-time lottery sessions on the website, placing bets and having the exciting opportunity to withdraw their winnings.

Aviator Game at ChillBet

In 2019, a new slot with unique functionality called Aviator appeared in virtual casinos. In this game, bets can be multiplied by small and large coefficients, and winnings do not depend on lines on the reels or bonus options.

Try out the Aviator slot machine and test your luck with real wagers at the virtual casino, ChillBet. This gambling platform offers an authentic, unaltered version of the game. In the lottery, payouts solely rely on the players' luck and chosen strategies. You can trust that the establishment operator enables a seamless withdrawal of monetary rewards throughout the gaming process, guaranteeing a fair and transparent experience for every player.

Aviator at ChillBet Online Casino


Aviator, the gambling game, sets itself apart significantly from traditional slots found in online casinos. Unlike the usual setup with reels, symbols, and lines, this unique game showcases a field with markings and a departing airplane on the screen. To participate, players must make bets on the aircraft's indicators before it takes off. It offers a refreshing and distinctive gaming experience that breaks away from the norm.

Features of Aviator
Software Developer Spribe
Year of Release 2019
Theoretical Return to Player (RTP) 97%
Volatility Level Medium
Betting Limits from $0.1 to $100
Maximum Win $10,000

Aviator Spribe Game Rules


In the Aviator game at Chill Bet, players place bets before the plane takes off, with the freedom to choose any amount within the existing limits. The game initiates a new round every five seconds, and as the plane takes off, the coefficients progressively increase. To secure their winnings, the player must actively stop the bet at a certain multiplier and withdraw the amount. Withdrawing plays a crucial role in winning, as failure to do so will result in the loss of the contributed amount.

You can stop the bet early, and the coefficient will continue to grow. You don't need to be disappointed; your goal should be to stay in profit in the long run. In Aviator, it is possible to place two bets simultaneously. With one amount, you can stop at smaller multipliers to guarantee the win. With the other, you can try your luck and aim for a substantial reward.

It's not obligatory to manually set each amount and action. ChillBet allows for automating the gameplay. On the control panel, you can set the following parameters: the bet, the coefficient to exit, and the withdrawal. Regular visitors often use this option.

Wins from the Gambling


It's impossible to accurately determine the amount that will be won during the game. In Aviator, the plane can gain altitude for a long time, reaching multipliers of 10x, 50x, 100x, and more. However, there are rounds where the multiplier stops at around 2x.

ChillBet users can track other players' results and assess the software's payment potential. Under the main Aviator screen, there's a table with the following information:

• Current bets and payouts of participants;
• Personal contributions and winnings;
• The largest amounts of rewards;
• Maximum payout coefficients.

The suitable coefficient and statistics can be selected directly in the slot machine. The latest winning results are displayed on the upper control panel of the slot. Before starting the game, you can simply observe the indicators without placing bets.

Each participant may be lucky enough to be among the winners with significant victories. The full potential of the game can only be appreciated during the gameplay.

How to Place Bets in Aviator on ChillBet?


The thrilling game Aviator is classified as a crash game. To find the desired slot, go to the ChillBet virtual casino's homepage and look among the popular or unique machines. If the game is not available in the lobby, it's easy to access it from the Spribe official developer's games on the casino's website.

To play Aviator with payouts, follow three simple steps - register, top up your account, and proceed to place bets. The Chill.Bet website doesn't require any special efforts from the user, just follow the simple instructions.

Registration and Login

To register at ChillBet Casino, simply provide your phone number and email, and select the main currency for your account. The login and password for the account will be generated automatically - make sure to save the corresponding parameters right away, as they will be needed for future login.

After registration, it's essential to link your email, fill out the questionnaire, and confirm your personal information. Only verified participants get access to withdrawal winnings.


How to Deposit

To top up your account at ChillBet online casino, you need an amount equivalent to $1. However, the platform only accepts cryptocurrency transfers. Payments via bank cards and electronic payment systems are currently not supported. To deposit funds:

• Click on "Deposit" in the top control panel.
• Choose a suitable cryptocurrency from the list.
• Copy the address or scan the corresponding QR code.
• Set the payment parameters and confirm the transaction in the wallet.

The funds will be credited to your balance instantly, allowing you to proceed to play Aviator with bets and the option to withdraw winnings.

Playing in the Crash Game

With a positive balance, simply access the Aviator slot through the entertainment catalog in the ChillBet virtual casino. You need to play in real mode. After loading the software, specify the amount on the control panel and click "Bet." To stop the bet during the game, simply click "Cashout."

The earned reward will be instantly displayed on your gaming balance. If desired, you can withdraw the winnings from the system to your account, including sending them to a cryptocurrency wallet. The gambling platform operator ChillBet allows withdrawals equivalent to 1 USD.

The virtual club supports eight different tokens, and payments can be made in BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, DOGE, BCH, DASH, and XMR.

Aviator is an unconventional gambling entertainment where winnings depend on luck and thought-out strategies. Users can consistently stop at minimal multipliers and remain slightly profitable. It's also possible to hit the jackpot with high multipliers, but this approach carries higher financial risks.



How to win in Aviator at the ChillBet casino?
For winnings, it's essential to exit the gameplay at the right time. Financial results depend directly on the player, and the ChillBet operator doesn't influence payouts.
Are there winning strategies in Aviator?
There is no guaranteed winning scheme in the ChillBet Aviator game. Experienced players often use the Martingale strategy for skillful bankroll management.
Can I use bonuses in ChillBet?
The virtual casino provides bonuses for new and active users. Users can activate these bonuses by using promo codes, vouchers, or completing specific actions.
How to get bonuses for a newcomer in an online casino?
After registering and topping up their account, new visitors receive a voucher. They can use this coupon to spin the Wheel of Fortune and win up to 100 bonus US dollars.