Aviator Wplay: review and game features

Finding a good casino that is guaranteed to pay out all winnings is quite difficult. After all, you should take into account RTP, available payment methods, and other features that directly affect the interaction with the site.

An outstanding casino that deserves attention is Wplay, offering a renowned crash game called Aviator. This platform delivers an exceptional gaming experience, where players have frequent opportunities to win, accompanied by a reliable payout system.

Wplay: about the casino 🎰

wplay casino

Regional online casinos start to proliferate over time. This becomes the reason for the emergence of international bookmakers and casinos that provide their services all over the world. The Wplay website is following the same path. Originally from South America, the casino has established itself as a quality sports betting and gambling site. They have been sponsoring sports clubs for years, thereby earning extra points of respect from potential customers.


W Play online casino possesses the necessary license to offer its services on the internet. The Spribe development team would not have granted permission to feature the game on this site without such a license. Therefore, you can engage in playing and winning at Wplay Aviator without any concerns. However, it is essential to grasp the fundamental principles of the game before diving in.

Aviator: how to play 🚀

wplay how to play aviator

Crash games have recently been gaining incredible popularity among regular online casino players. One of the most striking representatives of the genre is the Aviator game.


All the classic rules apply here, as they do for most other Crash Games. But it was this slot that first added several features without which it is now impossible to imagine an advanced Crash. These few advantages are regularly mentioned not only in profile reviews of Aviator Wplay from industry experts but also in reviews from ordinary players:


  1. 1.Double Bets. This is an innovation that gives customers the ability to place two bets per round at once. This is required so that you can combine strategies and manage bets independently. The bets made will not be related to each other in any way; you can withdraw one bet early and try to hit the jackpot with the second.
  2. 2.Safety is paramount in Aviator Crash, as it introduced the concept of Provably Fair. This system ensures that the casino or the provider cannot manipulate the results. The round outcomes are entirely random, allowing for the application of strategies. With this system in place, the casino cannot intentionally cause a significant bet to lose. By clicking on the top line of the slot and accessing the draw history, you can view the results of all previous rounds.
  3. 3.Speed. In the Aviator game, the rounds are extremely fast. As soon as the plane disappears off the screen, a countdown starts — just a few seconds. During this short period of time, you need to have time to place a bet. Thanks to this you can take part in two or more rounds in one minute.


Once you have familiarized yourself with the game’s primary benefits and features, you can proceed directly to placing bets. The game does not offer any other activities, bonus features, or additional tasks.

Aviator: how to bet 🧠

wplay aviator betting

To place bets in Aviator, you must complete the registration process. The Wplay Casino’s real money games are exclusively accessible to individuals who are registered customers of the gambling site. Simply provide your details, including your date of birth and other required information, and create a password. Once done, log in to your account to commence playing Wplay Aviator.


To start playing for real money, simply make a deposit of any desired amount. Then, navigate to the official Wplay casino website and open the Aviator slot machine. Wait for the ongoing round to conclude, and once it does, specify your desired bet amount. You have the option to either activate the automatic gameplay feature or manually manage your funds. Regardless of the chosen approach, your ultimate objective remains the same: withdraw your winnings before the airplane vanishes from your screen.

Functions in the game Description
Bet Enter the bet amount, confirm the action, and wait for the round to start.
Autoplay The slot will automatically place the bet in each new round, and you can also set up automatic withdrawal of funds when a specified multiplier is reached.
Withdraw Manually withdraw funds when the desired bet multiplier is reached; there may be a slight delay upon clicking.
Rules A complete list of rules and instructions to help beginners understand the game’s features.


If you are concerned about your funds, we recommend playing at lower odds of less than 1.5. In this case, you have the opportunity to regularly receive up to 50% of your bet amount credited to your balance. However, it is not advisable to bet all your money at once as the game is unpredictable. At any moment, Aviator may stop playing, and the minimum possible odds of x1 may occur. In such a case, all players who placed bets for the current round will lose.


Wplay Aviator is a great way to spend time in a popular and fair online casino. Deposit the minimum amount using any convenient method, and then place your bets. One of the significant advantages of Aviator is the fast-paced gameplay, with rounds starting every 15-40 seconds!


wplay aviator faq
🤑 What deposit methods are available in Wplay?
Bank cards, AstroPay, Exito, PSE, and others. The exact list of available deposit methods may vary depending on the client's residence region in the online casino.
🚶 How to play Aviator?
Create an account on the Wplay website, make a deposit, and open the Aviator game. Choose a comfortable bet size and withdraw your money when you reach the desired multiplier.
📈 How to find out the next multiplier in Aviator?
You can't. That's what makes the game truly exciting and fair for all users.