Review of the game Aviator at Slottica casino

The Aviator Crash Game offered on Slottica's casino website is renowned for its exceptional profitability. In just a single round, players have the chance to multiply their initial stake by a staggering 5,000 times, and if fortune favors them, they can even compete for even greater rewards.

Rules of the game Aviator at Slottica casino

slottica aviator rules
Game Title Aviator
Genre Crash
Year of Release 2020
Developer Spribe
Minimum Bet 10
Maximum Win Unlimited
Demo Yes


Slottica Aviator welcomes even novice players with open arms. Its straightforward yet lucrative mechanics ensure that players on the official website of the online casino won’t find themselves at a disadvantage. Breaking even or even making a profit is achievable as early as the first round of play.


At Slottica’s Aviator, players witness the virtual aircraft soaring into the sky. Visitors must ensure they have enough time to settle any ongoing bets before the plane meets a disastrous fate. This favorable outcome ensures that customers who bet in Aviator at the casino will be rewarded with profits.


The determination of bets in Aviator at Slottica is based on the odds associated with the plane’s ascent. As the aircraft reaches greater heights, the online casino rewards its customers with increased earnings. However, the level of risk taken in the Crash Aviator game is entirely up to each gambler.


Placing bets at the Slotika casino is a breeze with just a single click. Beforehand, players can select their desired bet size and fine-tune the auto cashout feature. The Aviator Crash Game’s auto cashout function proves to be a savior, preventing losses caused by sluggish reaction times. Notably, unlike slot machines, the Crash Game allows players to engage in two bets within a single round. Each bet can be withdrawn from the game with a multiplier surpassing 1000, providing the opportunity for substantial returns.

Bonuses and tips for players

slottica aviator bonus

There are no prize options inside the Slottica crash game. You can get the bonus already from the casino itself. Each new customer has a welcome package, which includes 30 free spins and two deposit bonuses of 200% and 100%.


Money from Slottica falls on the prize balance. You can use these funds for betting in Aviator when the main account is empty. Winnings from the bonus funds are credited to the prize balance and cashed out after working off the wager. When playing for money gamblers can build a strategy in Aviator Slottica it is on bonuses.


The Aviator game at Slottica is renowned for its prominent feature: statistics. Users are granted access to a comprehensive history of rounds, allowing players to review their performance as well as the achievements of fellow customers. It is possible to examine the history of the current round, observing at which positions players choose to close their bets. Furthermore, clients of the online club can analyze results from the previous day, enabling a thorough examination of gameplay trends.


With the help of statistics, the gambler will understand how Aviator works in Slottica Online Casino. The player determines when, for example, the next time multiplier x50 will fall out. If you look at the history of rounds, you can make sure that it happens every 30 minutes.


All gaming strategies are built upon the analysis of statistics, making it the most straightforward approach to grasp how to secure a victory in Aviator at Slottica right from the first attempt. Utilizing analytics enables players with limited bankrolls to achieve substantial payouts. It is not uncommon for certain players to multiply their bets by 50 times within a single round, further highlighting the frequency of such occurrences.

How to deposit and start playing Aviator

slottica aviator deposit

Observing active rounds in Aviator is possible even without logging into a personal account. To register at the Slottica online casino, one can choose from options such as email, phone number, or social media accounts. It is important to note that each player is permitted to create only one account.


There is no need to fill out an application form and undergo verification to make a deposit. This condition in the gambling club is required only if you want to withdraw your winnings. Users who operate with small amounts of money can remain anonymous.


The cashier at Slottika accepts various payment methods, including online wallets, and bank cards, and even enables betting with cryptocurrencies. To open an account, users are required to link one of these payment instruments and then proceed to replenish their balance accordingly.


The crash game interface displays the active deposit. When the money on the main balance runs out, the indicator adds a bonus wallet to the asset. Therefore, it is not necessary to make a new deposit to continue playing for money.


Before opening a bet, the player needs to pay attention to three nuances:


  • • Short-distance statistics. The results of previous rounds are displayed at the top of the radar. The Aviator flies higher x2 every four rounds.
  • • Auto Cashout. Players can automatically close bets. To do this, in the Auto Withdrawal field, you need to enter the coefficient at which the next active bet should be calculated.
  • • Players’ Chat. In the latest version of Aviator, users can communicate with each other. In the chat, beginners will find a lot of useful information, which distinguishes this game from slots.


In case of winning, the crash game will instantly transfer the money to the balance of the profile. Then you can withdraw the money to external purses.

Win-win strategy in Aviator at Slottica

slottica aviator win-win strategy

To understand how to play Aviator Slottica and win, you need to pay attention to the main feature of the mechanics. It’s double bets. Visitors can download the Aviator Slottica game on their smartphones and place two bets with real money at once.


The first bet always needs to be closed at x2. This will help recoup the costs of the current round. The second bet, which is made for the same amount, lasts longer. It can be increased to x3, x10, and beyond. The winnings from this bet will make up the main profit for the online casino customer.


slottica real money download winnings
How to get winnings in Aviator?
The player needs to bet on the next round and have time to close it before the plane flies away. If the casino customer manages to close the bet, the money won will be calculated according to the odds indicated on the screen.
How to make a bet for real money?
In the casino, the player needs to register an account and transfer money to the balance of the profile. The cashier of the gambling club accepts bank cards and e-wallets.
How to download Aviator to your phone?
Players will be able to download the crash game through the casino app. Slottica casino offers a separate application for Android.
What is the biggest win in Aviator at Slottica?
Slottica casino customers have already closed their bets with multipliers over 1,000 on several occasions. However, the provider does not limit the payouts and maximum odds.