Aviator Codere: review and game features

Already few players have a question as to what the game Codere Aviator is. For newcomers, let us note that it is a special crash slot that has become very popular lately. We will tell you why this money game has become popular and how to use Aviator features for your financial gain.


aviator codere

Codere is an international casino that has added a huge variety of games to its entertainment library. Among them is the interesting Aviator slot, which has gained extremely wide popularity among players. If you open the Codere Casino website, you will definitely see Aviator among the top five recommended games.  


Codere stands out due to its distinctive welcome bonuses, offering a user-friendly and uncomplicated system. Upon making your initial three deposits, you can receive bonuses that can be utilized not only for Aviator but also for various slots and live dealer games. When depositing funds on the official website of this online casino, you have the flexibility to choose from multiple payment methods such as Visa, Paynet, MasterCard, and several others. The specific array of payment options accessible to you depends on your place of residence, as each region boasts a distinct assortment of payment methods. 


One notable and highly valuable benefit offered by Codere is its mobile applications, allowing clients to conveniently download the online casino onto their smartphones. Irrespective of whether the client’s smartphone operates on Android or iOS, they can access the application seamlessly. iPhone owners, who often encounter difficulties finding compatible applications, can now rest assured, as Codere ensures that the official application is readily available for download directly from the AppStore. 

Game Features

aviator codere game features

First and foremost, it is worth noting that Aviator stands out as the groundbreaking game that revolutionized the realm of gambling. Following its introduction, a new genre of games called Crash Games started to gain traction in casinos. Although Crash Games had existed before the development and launch of Aviator, they had experienced limited success. So, what exactly was the distinguishing feature that enabled Aviator to capture the attention and popularity of players?


When considering the array of features, it is pertinent to commence with the rules, which adhere to a standard framework. Players engage in placing bets for each round and can withdraw their funds once the displayed multiplier reaches a predetermined threshold. The inherent uncertainty surrounding the machine’s stopping multiplier injects an element of suspense, capturing the attention of players enticed by the prospect of substantial winnings from even modest deposits.


Dynamics — everything happens here very quickly. The duration of each round is approximately 15-30 seconds; often, for a minute you can play 2 or more rounds! At the same time, the machine has a time limit on the duration of the round — 45 seconds. This allows not to break the dynamics of the machine, even in cases when players are claiming for large multipliers, exceeding x100.


Creator Spribe (Georgia)
Year of creation 2019
Theme of the slot Aviation
Demo Yes


Community — here you are not alone with the slot machine. In Codere Aviator, you participate in rounds with multiple players. During peak hours, the number of users can reach several thousand. This indicates that no one will cheat you personally, even if you place a large bet.


Placing blind trust in any casino is not a common practice. In order to establish the complete safety and fairness of Codere casino and Aviator crash, the slot developers have integrated the Provably Fair system. This special tool ensures that the outcome of each round is generated in a completely random manner, providing a transparent and trustworthy gaming experience.

Provably Fair

aviator codere provably fair

Perhaps this is one of the key features of Codere Aviator. Thanks to Provably Fair, many players have started to trust crash-type games. The system is built quite simply:


  • • A key is generated for the next round.
  • • Codere starts accepting bets.
  • • The first 3 players place their bets.
  • • The system generates unique keys for each of these three players.
  • • The four obtained keys are added together to obtain the final maximum multiplier for this round.


Any bets placed by players after the first three bets will not be taken into account when determining the multiplier. This is what allows each customer to be confident that they will not be cheated by the system.


To instill confidence among players regarding the fairness of cash game outcomes, all-around results in Crash are meticulously recorded on the blockchain. This measure guarantees the preservation and unalterable nature of round results. The fundamental characteristic of blockchain lies in its data recording format, where no entity possesses the capability to access or modify recorded information. This ensures that the integrity of the recorded data remains intact and impervious to deletion or manipulation.

How to win

aviator codere how to win

The honesty of the slot is a very good thing, but after all, you still need to learn how to use this advantage to your advantage. That’s what customers are taught by the various strategies that are applied to the slot machine.


The review of Aviator Codere commences with an examination of the most widely embraced strategies. The multitude of tactics employed for this game in casinos worldwide is countless. Additionally, there exist individualized strategies that players invent solely for their use, carefully exploiting them without divulging such valuable insights. These players are reluctant to share such valuable information, fearing that the developer might alter the slot’s behavior if they become aware that someone has consistently mastered the art of winning from it.


But all players start with the same strategies. Some of them pay off quickly enough, while others turn out to be completely useless or not as attractive as they seemed at first sight.


Martingale is a strategy name you have probably heard of. The idea is to double your bets until you win some money. After that, you can start from the beginning. But the strategy only on paper looks win-win. Of course, any online casino knows about the existence of Martingale, so they came up with an interesting method to combat this system — to limit the maximum bet size. That is why you can play by Martingale today only at the very minimum wager to be able to work off losses to the fullest extent.


Laboucher is a strategy that exhibits a notable level of complexity and careful consideration, requiring utmost attentiveness during implementation. To employ this strategy effectively, one must begin by setting a desired winning amount, let’s say 500 conventional coins. This amount is then divided into five equal parts, resulting in one hundred units for each segment (100+100+100+100+100). Subsequently, the first and last numbers are summed, and this combined amount is placed as a bet with an automatic withdrawal at a multiplier of 2.00. In the event of a win, both numbers are crossed out from the list (100 + 100 + 100 + 100). However, in the case of a loss, the bet amount is added to the end of the list (100+100+100+100+100+200).


During the initial stages, the specific strategy you choose to test holds lesser significance. What truly matters is gaining experience and discovering a personalized approach that aligns with your unique playing style. Certain individuals may not favor an aggressive approach like that of the Martingale strategy. Instead, they prefer steadily securing a coefficient of 1.2 with each bet. For those who employ this patient tactic, «slowly but surely» becomes their guiding motto.


aviator codere faq
What is the purpose of the Provably Fair system?
This system allows every player to be confident that the outcome of each round is genuine and not influenced by the number of bets.
What is required for registration?
You will only need an email address or phone number, as well as a personal password for your account. In the future, to open withdrawals, you will also need to go through the verification process.
Best strategy for Aviator?
There is no single best strategy. We recommend you try out all the available tactics, which can be done in the free demo mode of Aviator Codere.