Yhorby Matias

Microsoft MVP, Azure Solutions Architect & Cloud developer

Yhorby Matías Currently works as an Azure Solutions Architect for EvoPoint Company, he started to develop software in 2010 for the .NET platform, he focused on this technology to become an expert, now he is focused on the Azure and NET Core development platform.
In addition to being a developer, he also likes to play with Linux, he wrote his first program in Visual Basic 6.0. When you are not coding, you are creating new content for your blog, the Youtube channel and some projects in which you collaborate.


Title : Deep dive into azure DevOps

Description :

In this session, we change all of that. We explore the why’s and the how. Why is DevOps important? Why do we care? How do we implement DevOps best practices? And finally, we will do a real-world deep dive.

Starting from nothing at all except source code (and I mean NOTHING. No infrastructure at all) we end with a complex modern application deployed all the way out into production hosted in the cloud.

And we do everything from within our pipelines. With the right tooling, anything is possible.

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