Tejas Chopra

Senior Software Engineer, Netflix

Tejas Chopra is a Senior Software Engineer, working in the Data Storage Platform team at Netflix, where he is responsible for architecting storage solutions to support Netflix Studios and Netflix Streaming Platform. Prior to Netflix, Tejas was working on designing and implementing the storage infrastructure at Box, Inc. to support a cloud content management platform that scales to petabytes of storage & millions of users.

Tejas has worked on distributed file systems & backend architectures, both in on-premise and cloud environments as part of several startups in his career. Tejas is an International Keynote Speaker and periodically conducts seminars on Micro services, NFTs, Software Development & Cloud Computing and has a Masters Degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, with a specialization in Computer Systems.


Title : Upskilling for a multi-cloud world

Description :

In this session, I would like to focus on the basic concepts of Cloud computing that apply to different cloud environments.
Azure, AWS, GCP, etc. share a lot of commonalities in how they’re implemented on the backend, and the services and SLAs they expose to applications built on top of them.

Different organizations use different cloud offerings, for example, Box is built on top of GCP, Netflix heavily uses AWS, etc. In such a scenario, it is always best for a software developer to be aware of the different clouds, and learn about their nuances. In this session, I will cover some such basic ideas around Storage, Compute, Networking, and Serverless, and provide a flavor for how software development in cloud varies between organizations such as Box, and Netflix.

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