Shannon Kuehn

Microsoft, Cloud Advocate – Enterprise Platforms & Tools

Shannon is a not so typical technologist. Her roots are grounded in public speaking and writing. She wound up gravitating toward technology through music: by way of being a DJ and needing to record demos for club promoters. By taking the time to develop initial skills of troubleshooting, she quickly found myself in jobs that started to graduate her toward deeper levels of technical skill. From help desk, to Windows systems administration, to VMware administration, to Exchange, to Exchange Online/Office 365, and finally Azure, she has carefully combined the right levels of technical expertise to land at Microsoft. From Cloud Architect to Cloud Advocate, Microsoft has been a whirlwind ride. She is currently a Cloud Advocate on the Enterprise Tools and Platform team, which rolls up to the broader Methods and Practices team. She focuses on community outreach and content creation for the Azure VMware Solution platform as a way to get IT pros comfortable with a life in the cloud.


Title : Azure VMware Solution Overview

Description :

Join Shannon for an overview of Microsoft’s next evolution of Azure VMware Solution (AVS). AVS is a first party service offered on bare metal servers in Azure. This offering allows customers to seamlessly extend or completely migrate existing on-premises VMware workloads to Azure without the cost, effort, or risk of re-architecting applications or retooling operations.

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