Malte Reimann

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador


Title : ‘❤ Amy reacted to your message 6:00 PM’ – Teams app, IoT device and lots of emojis.

Description :

In this session, we will bring the friendly reactions we get from our co-workers into the real world.

An IoT device will be connected to the Microsoft Graph which allows us to be notified when someone reacts to our message. Then the IoT device can literally light up our room.

This will be a fun session to make our home office we all got so used to during the pandemic more colorful.

You will get familiar with the Azure IoT offerings and more high level Azure offerings like how you can access the Microsoft Graph in your app by registration of an application in Azure Active Directory. In addition, you will learn how to connect the two worlds of an edge IoT device in your home with the rich data that is available in the cloud.

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