Maik van der Gaag

CTO of 3fifty & Microsoft MVP

I’m the CTO of 3fifty, an experienced consultancy company with a strong focus on the Microsoft Cloud. I have over 15 years’ experience providing architecture, development, training and design expertise. During this I have worked in a variety of projects ranging from Cloud Transformations to DevOps implementations.

I love to share knowledge which was also one of the reasons why he founded the Dutch Cloud Meetup. I’m a public speaker, write blogs and organizes events


Title : How to add additional security to Azure PaaS

Description :

One of the characteristics of Platform as a Service components in Azure is that they are open for the complete world by default. Azure PaaS offers great services but you do not want to have them open by default in many situations. For this reasons I see many companies switching back the known functionalities (IaaS) but that should not be the case. In this session you will learn how to secure services like: Azure Functions, Azure App Service, Azure SQL Databases with the use of Azure Front Door, Azure Private Link and Virtual Networks and many more.

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