Liji Thomas

Manager, Modern Application Development, Valorem Reply

Liji is a technophile with over a decade’s industry experience in technical and leadership roles. As Manager (Modern Application Development) at Valorem Reply, she leads a team of digital transformation consultants. She’s passionate about emerging technologies, particularly building AI-powered (delightful) experiences for a global clientele.


Title : Let’s Chat-Bots using Azure AI

Description :

The advancement in Conversational AI has revolutionized human interactions, with massive implications across industries. Join Liji as she shares her experiences from building real-world conversational experiences using Azure AI tools. The session will help you understand the capabilities of Microsoft Bot Framework and how an interactive bot is structured. Learn how to create a Virtual Assistant using Azure Bot Service from scratch and within minutes! Give a human side to your bot using Azure Cognitive Services. Add AI capabilities for Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and answering user queries. Finally. connect your virtual assistant to multiple platforms including Amazon Alexa.

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