Jesse Houldsworth

Senior Solutions Consultant at PagerDuty

Jesse is a Senior Solutions Consultant at PagerDuty where he helps customers save money by automating runbooks. Jesse has over 10 years experience working with both large and small enterprises on software development and information security initiatives.  In his spare time, Jesse enjoys exploring the outdoors in western MA with his family. 


Title : Automate Yourself Out of Job: Safely Delegate the Management of your Azure Deployment

Description :

Running Operations is not an easy job, especially these days. Ops teams have to ensure excellent user experiences, resolve incidents quickly and help developers stay productive. Yet at the same time, there is also the need to maintain systems security and keep downtime to a minimum – goals which many struggle with at scale.

While advances in cloud computing have helped address some of these challenges, many organizations find it difficult to leverage the cloud at scale because of bottlenecks that form around repetitive tasks, such as developers having to wait for provisioning infrastructure. Despite having access to abundant cloud resources, these speedbumps often make it difficult or impossible to achieve team objectives.

Join this talk to learn:

  • How to safely delegate the management of your Azure deployment (to developers and other colleagues) with self-service operations.
  • How to create powerful runbooks with guardrails that leverage existing scripting languages, infrastructure, and tools to remove the human from the bottleneck that forms around repetitive tasks.
  • Strategies for getting started
  • And how to create an Easy Button to handle the repetitive tasks that are interrupting your flow of work.
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