Jean Joseph

Data Engineer

Highly experienced in Big Data and traditional data technologies with a history of successes in designing, implementing complex technical projects for diverse businesses in various stages of their development. Acknowledged as a leader capable of mentoring teams of different backgrounds and talents and inspiring individual efforts to deliver. Organized and detail-oriented, with a positive pro-active and hardworking attitude. Performance history reflects a highly analytical strategic thinker with strengths in defining solutions and executing programs that have been invaluable to an all-encompassing range of projects and positions.


Title : Getting Started With Azure Synapse

Description :

In this presentation, I will introduce Azure Synapse architecture, its components, and features to all stages of data implementation and processing moreover understanding some best practices and pitfalls. Will explain in details the three methods for distributing data (round-robin (default), hash and replicated). From ingesting to data lakes to transform data in big data services to apply machine learning models, including data remodeling. Demo a full implementation of Azure Synapse all the way to presentation and reporting.

Speaker Details