Heini Ilmarinen

Microsoft MVP & DevOps Consultant, Polar Squad

Heini is a math teacher turned Azure expert. With her background in mathematics and teaching, she has a great passion for problem-solving, simplifying complex things, and a unique approach to architectures.
She is a DevOps Consultant at Polar Squad, specializing in Azure infrastructure and the data platform. She has been working with customers large and small for the past several years to help them sort out their path to the cloud and make sense of their architecture – both hybrid and cloud. She has worked extensively with both Azure infrastructure and analytics solutions and knows a thing or two about BMX bikes as well. Heini is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and an Azure Solutions Architect Expert.


Title : Azure AD for the Azure Data Services

Description :

Working with Azure data services it is nearly impossible to ignore Azure AD; we can use it simply for logging in to specific services like Azure SQL or Azure Data Lake, but also for setting up OAuth token authentication for a service like Databricks. Unfortunately, most of the time we notice bumping into Azure AD when things aren’t working as expected. Therefore, we need to understand the essentials about Azure AD, identities, authentication and authorization.

In this sessions, we will start from what you need to know about Azure AD in relation to Azure data services. Then we will look at different scenarios of setting up authentication in general. Lastly, we will move through the landscape of Azure data services and see how Azure AD can be leveraged for each of these services, highlighting both similarities and differences in the entire landscape.

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