Heiko Brenn

PowerShell enthusiast & Product Expert at ScriptRunner

Heiko is PowerShell enthusiast and Product Expert at ScriptRunner – The #1 in PowerShell Management. He has been working in the IT industry for more than 25 years in a number of different roles like IT administrator, consultant and product manager. In his free time, he is very much into music and you see (and hear!) him playing drums in the office once in a while.


Title : Get rid of recurring Azure management tasks with PowerShell in 5 steps

Description :

Would you like to simplify and speed up the management of your Azure services like Azure VMs, Azure AD or Azure SQL ?

PowerShell is a great technology to achieve this, but it’s super complex and only for experts, right?

ScriptRunner turns PowerShell into a real solution for everyone by simplifying the development, management and delegation of PowerShell scripts.

How? Well, in five steps:

  1. Centrally manage all PowerShell scripts and modules
  2. Secure credential and permission management
  3. Auto-create end-user friendly web forms
  4. Delegate recurring tasks to sub-admins, help desk teams and end-users
  5. Trigger scripts interactive, scheduled and REST-based

What’s the result?

Recurring tasks for Azure management and other platforms like M365, Exchange, Active Directory can be standardized, automated and delegated to helpdesk teams and even end users.

Best of all, these users don’t need PowerShell know-how or have permissions in your Azure subscription. They don’t even need to know that PowerShell exists.
It’s just a matter of getting the job done and ScriptRunner takes care of the rest.

In this session I will show you how it all works and how you and your organization can benefit from the combination of PowerShell and ScriptRunner.

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