Christian Heitkamp

Product Manager at NiCE IT Management Solutions

Christian Heitkamp (@Chris_Heitkamp), Product Manager at NiCE IT Management Solutions, leads the product and global business development at NiCE. He has a deep understanding of designing and developing monitoring extensions to Microsoft System Center and Microsoft 365, with specialist skills and certifications for Microsoft 365, VMware, Oracle, IBM DB2, and other business applications. Through his ongoing customer and partner engagement, he brings the industry’s best IT management practice to Microsoft System Center and Azure users.


Title : Azure, Microsoft 365 and the Monitoring Story

Description :

In this session, you will learn how to make the Azure Monitor a valuable tool to monitor your Microsoft 365 subscription, including services such as Exchange, SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive and more.

See how the Metric Explorer in Azure Monitor will work for you, including addressing custom metrics quickly. Understand how to display Log Analytics metric data in PowerBI Reports and Azure Monitor Workbooks. Speed up the meantime to recovery, enable detailed reporting on your Microsoft 365 Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Exchange setups.

Join this educative and fun session about Azure and Microsoft 365, united into one magnificent monitoring solution.

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