Björn Peters

Azure SQL Server & Database Enthusiast, Powershell Lover, Data Platform MVP

I’ve started with SQL Server 6.5 but only as a sys-admin and not as DBA. Later I’d worked as a full DBA with SQL Server 2000 and my love to SQL Server started. In 2015 I’d got more interested in SQL PASS and tried to speak for the first time… the main part of my job is to work as DB-Admin and solution architect but I’m trying to widen my horizons. In 2016 I’ve visited and volunteered at the German SQL Saturdays und SQLGrillen and since October 2016 I’m the organizer of Azure Meetup Hamburg.


Title : Introduction into Azure Arc Data Services

Description :

Azure ARC offers the possibility to make your own data center part of its (hybrid) environment, here you can go several different ways to deploy the services and appropriate preparations are necessary.

In this session, I will show you how you can get to your own hybrid environment with managed instances or how you can manage your multi-cloud environment from one portal.

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