Ankit Sharma

Full Stack Consultant | GDE for Angular | Microsoft MVP | Author | Speaker | Passionate Programmer

Ankit Sharma is a Full-stack consultant, working with Luminescent Digital and staying with his family at Samastipur, Bihar, India. He has over 6 years of extensive experience in Microsoft technologies including C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server and UI technologies such as JQuery, Angular and Blazor.

Ankit is a technical author and speaker and loves to contribute to the open-source community. He writes articles for multiple platforms, which include c-sharpcorner, Dzone, Medium, and freeCodeCamp. For his dedicated contribution to the developer’s community, he has been recognized as the Google Developer Expert for Angular and an Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies. He is the author of Blazor Quick Start Guide and Learn C# Programming.


Title : Create A Multi-Language Translator Using Blazor Server And Azure Cognitive Services

Description :

We will create a Multilanguage translator using Blazor and the Translator Azure Cognitive Service. The application will accept the text to translate and the target language as the input and returns the translated text and the detected language for the input text as the output. This app will support translation across 90 languages.

We will cover the following concepts:

1. What is Azure Cognitive Services?
2. What is Azure Translator Service?
3. Create the Azure Translator Cognitive Services resource
4. Create and configure a Blazor Server application
5. Create the Blazor UI Component
6. Execution Demo

You can see a GIF showing the app in action at

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