100/120 Speakers at Cloud Summit 2021

Cloud summit announces ten new speakers for the 2021 edition. Cloud Summit 2021 is 11 days long virtual annual event focused on Microsoft Azure that will be live-streamed from September 13-23, 2021. We will have multiple sessions, panels, Q&A, and breakout sessions from speakers around the globe on the entire ecosystem of Azure.

We are making announcements of ten new speakers for the Cloud Summit 2021 every week. Here is the list of our next ten amazing speakers for the Cloud Summit 2021.

Bradley Ball: Bradley Ball is a Sr. FastTrack Azure Engineer on the Microsoft CXP Product Group. He is a current Microsoft MVP Reconnect member and former MVP. Bradley spent 8 years working as a Defense contractor for clients such as the U.S. Army and The Executive Office of the President of the United States, was the Data Platform Practice Manager for Pragmatic Works Consulting, & […]

Session details: FastTrack – Tales from the Field: Azure DevOps Database Projects for Azure Synapse Analytics

Christian Heitkamp: Christian Heitkamp (@Chris_Heitkamp), Product Manager at NiCE IT Management Solutions, leads the product and global business development at NiCE. He has a deep understanding of designing and developing monitoring extensions to Microsoft System Center and Microsoft 365, with specialist skills and certifications for Microsoft 365, VMware, Oracle, IBM DB2, and other business applications. Through his ongoing customer and partner engagement, he brings the industry’s best IT management practice to Microsoft System Center and Azure users.

Session details: Azure, Microsoft 365, and the Monitoring Story

Davide Mauri: Azure Data Platform MVP for 12 years in a row, now Program Manager in Azure SQL team, focusing on Hyperscale. Developer at heart, heavy metal lover; once a biker, now waiting for kids to grow old to start to travel the world again.

Session details: Architecting modern cloud solutions to take advantage of database “scaleoutability”

David McCarter: David McCarter has been a software engineer for over 27 years. He is a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional), C# Corner MVP, solutions architect, consultant, professional code reviewer, speaker, and author who lives in San Diego, California USA. He is the editor-in-chief of dotNetTips.com… a website dedicated to helping software engineers in all aspects of programming since 1994 […]

Frank Boucher: Passionate about cloud computing Frank Boucher has been playing into Microsoft Azure for years. You can find many of his blog posts and videos online in French and English. Frank is always happy to share and help others so everyone can have the best experience possible and get the maximum for their solution.

Session details: Sparkle awesomeness in your projects with Azure Serverless services

Josh Luedeman: Josh is a Senior Engineer with Azure Engineering’s CXP team at Microsoft, focusing on Big Data, Analytics, and Cloud Architecture. He is a regular speaker at Professional Association of SQL Server(PASS) events, Code on the Beach, the PASS Summit, Microsoft Ignite, and other IT conferences. He has worked in IT for over 10 years and currently works with customers in industries like Higher Education, Consulting, Manufacturing, and Software Development to help them migrate their workloads to the Azure cloud.

Session details: FastTrack – Tales from the Field: Azure DevOps Database Projects for Azure Synapse Analytics

Priyanka Shah: Microsoft MVP (AI), Solution Architect for Data Science, Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning developer, Innovation Lead, public speaker/blogger for AI/ML specially with respect to Microsoft technology stack, full-stack development experience across a variety of programming languages, and platforms.

Session details: Introduction to Azure Quantum Computing and overview of Q# with Grover’s search algorithm

Rashika Karki: Rashika is an undergraduate student passionate about empowering the community and building tech-driven solutions with a wide range of technical and managerial skills and interests.

Session details: Enrich your Data with Azure Cognitive Services in Power BI

Shafiq Rahman: I’ve been enjoying software design and development for 20+ years. And another 15+ years as a manager for amazing teams. My adventures include software from the client to the cloud, from the Windows operating system to Microsoft Azure […]

Session details: From Oops to Ops: Incident Response with Notebooks

Silvano Coriani: Silvano Coriani is a Principal Program Manager in Azure SQL Database team. He has 20+ years’ experience in application development and database design, troubleshooting and performance tuning. As self-employed first, and then part of SQL CAT and Azure Data engineering teams, he presented at several industry leading conferences and co-wrote several articles on data related topics.

Session details: Increase Azure SQL application resiliency with configurable retry logic

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